Centering the Tangent Cultural Event & Closing Celebration

Sunday April 10th

6:00 – 9:00pm
Rhizome Cafe 317 East Broadway, Vancouver, Unceded Coast Salish Territories 

Free! All-ages! Childcare and child-specific activities! Snacks! Bus tickets!

Featuring a cabaret performance of local artists and organizations celebrating the role of creativity in our work of building resilient communities including:

DJ Su Comandante: Growing up in El Salvador and moving to Victoria at age 13, Raul Espinoza taught himself to use turntables in the year 2000 and soon after became DJ Su Comandante.  Blending hip hop with music from all over the map—including latin, trip-hop, reggaeton, dancehall, drum and bass, reggae, house, world beat, and R& B — “Su-Co”, as he is often called, has a passion for music as contagious as his beats are danceable.

T’ Uy’ Tanat-Cease Wyss – Skwxw’ u7mesh Nation

Arts and Culture go hand in hand. Cease has worked in the areas of community, health and healing practices for over 2 decades. She has been actively drumming and singing, as well as storytelling for close to 2 decades. Through her work and her art practice, Cease is able to continue her journey of understanding the relationship between arts and culture and how this brings together community holistic health.

Kat Norris
Kat is Coast Salish & Nez Perce. She is the founder of the Indigenous Action Movement whose mandate is to create awareness and to take action against injustice against her people. For ten years she organized rallies for Frank Paul a Micmac man who died @ the hands of the Vancouver City Police in 1998; keeping his name in the news and in the societal conscience. She is a writer, pow wow dancer & is very proud to be a mom and grandma or in her language Ta’

Kia Kadiri
Over the last 15 years, Kia Kadiri has become one of the most respected female vocalists on the West Coast of Canada. Kia’s lightning speed raps, thought provoking lyrics, and energetic performances, leave her in a class of her own!

Kim Possible
Kim is a Vancouver born soul hip hop lyricist, singer, and poet who has played across local stages from the Bourbon, to the Biltmore to the River Rock. She strives to keep it real in her music by bringing entries from her personal journals to the mic in different forms.

Krystal Bell
I’m 17 and live in Surrey BC. I’m of the Haida and Tsleil-Waututh Nations, and I am currently completing grade 11. I am an avid writer who enjoys testing my own boundaries with the words I weave. As well I perform many of these pieces through spoken word.

Ostwelve has been performing Hiphop music for the better part of 12 years and has more recently shown his other talents like acting and composing music on such shows as APTN’s “Nehiyawetan: Let’s Speak Cree”, “Mixed Blessings” and “Moccasin Flats: Redemption” for which he just received a nomination for Best Actor at the 2008 Native American Motion Picture awards.

Performers from the Seeding Stories Project of the Vancouver Society of Storytelling
Seeding Stories was a 7-part workshop that involved participants from the Vancouver Association for Survivors of Torture, MOSAIC, and the Urban Native Youth Association in exploring oral literatures. Through the program Participants were encouraged to apply their storytelling skills for advocacy and performance-arts, to weave their voices, and ideas, ideals into the social, cultural and political ecology of Vancouver.

Zaccheus Jackson
Zaccheus is a long-time Lower Mainland Spoken Word artist, and senior workshop facilitator w/ WordPlay – a local organization that puts performance poets in high school classrooms to help develop appreciation for Spoken Word and creative expression. He is a 3-time VanSlam team member and 2-time Vancouver Indie Champ.

Interested in volunteering for this event? We need support with Childcare, space set-up, space clean-up, and door! Get in touch by contacting us at or 604.780.8463 to get involved!


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